Partners, projects, ressources


Homepage: La Carta del Cantino (1502), Biblioteca Estense, Modena (Italy).

The Project: Giambattista Tiepolo, L’Olimpo e i quattro continenti (1752-1753), detail representing the allegory of Africa, Residenz Würzburg (Germany).

Mediterranean Connections: Memorial heads representing a king and a queen-mother of Benin adorned with coral-bead attire (presumably 18th/19th century), Canterbury Museum, Christchurch (New Zealand). 

Alpine Connections: Jean-Étienne Liotard, La Belle chocolatière (1743), detail representing hot chocolate served in a porcelain cup, Gemäldegallerie Alte Meister, Dresden (Germany).

Church Connections: Bernardino d’Asti, Missione in prattica de’padri cappuccini ne’ Regni di Congo, Angola e adiacenti (approx. 1750), drawing depicting the Capuchin hospice in Soyo (Kingdom of Kongo), Biblioteca Civica Centrale, Torino (Italy).

The People: Lot of five African wood masks (presumably 20th/21st century), auctioned at the I.M. Chait Gallery, Beverly Hills (USA), source: (8 Dec. 2018).

The Network: The fleet of Andrea Doria escorting Charles V and Pope Paul III from Nice to Genoa in 1538 (16th century), Museo Navale di Pegli, Genova.

Budapest 2017: Buda, woodcut by Michael Wolgemut, published in Hartmann Schedel, Weltchronik, Nürnberg 1493.

Nice 2018: Map of Nice (1624), source: Wikipedia.  

Bibliography: Engraving by Louis-Jacques Goussier, published in Denis Diderot and Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts, et des métiers, Paris 1762-1773.

News & Events: Edward Collier, Trompe l’oeil (approx. 1699), Victoria and Albert Museum, London (UK).

Contact: [Álvaro Velho], Roteiro da primeira viagem de Vasco da Gama à Índia (first half of the 16th century), Biblioteca Pública Municipal, Porto (Portugal).

Links:   Trade beads (presumably 19th century), sold at Beadniks, Brattleboro (USA), source: (8 Dec. 2018).