Cristian Consuegra

Graduate student at the University of Bern (support)

Cristian Consuegra completed his Bachelor of Arts in History at the University of Bern in 2018. In his B.A. thesis he analysed eighteenth-century Bernese judicial records, examining how local patricians were punished for petty criminal activities related to forbidden card games. He is currently doing his M.A. at the same university, with a major in medieval and early modern history and a minor in edition philology. He was a member of the student council of the Historical Institute (2014-2018) and an intern at the State Archive of Lucerne (2016-2017). He is currently working as a guide at the Museum Altes Zeughaus in Soluthurn, as a research fellow in the SNSF project Foodways in West Africa. An Integrated Approach on Pots, Animals and Plants (Sinergia) and as a student-assistant in the research project Atlantic Italies. Economic and Cultural Entanglements (15th-19th Centuries).