Lotte di parte – popular unrests and factional conflicts in the Italian Wars in a new book by Carlo Taviani

Scholarship has focused on the Italian Wars of the early Sixteenth century from a variety of comparative perspectives. Only a few studies however have dealt with popular unrests and factional conflicts which have extensively characterized the Italian peninsula, especially the Venetian Terraferma, Lombardy, Brescia, Padova, Cremona, Pisa, Bologna, the area of Friuli, Genoa, Urbino, and Rome. This book focuses on some of these social and factional conflicts that often gave rise to mass exiles, popular unrest, and peace making rituals.

Lotte di parte. Rivolte di popolo e conflitti di fazione nelle guerre d’Italia (1494-1531), by Carlo Taviani, Viella, Roma 2021.