Bead cultures of southern Nigeria – fieldwork 2022

by Roberto Zaugg

In August 2022, I had the opportunity to visit southern Nigeria and do some fieldwork on beads, religion, and fashion. For three weeks, I profited from the precious support and enjoyed the hospitality of friends and colleagues. Their help was decisive in making this journey a successful scholarly venture. Read more

Conference report: Connecting Mediterranean and Atlantic history. 2nd meeting of the Atlantic Italies Network (Nice, 8-9 November 2018)

by Eva Dal Canto (text) and Riccardo E. Rossi (images)

First published on H-Soz-Kult

To the conference programme

The numerous entanglements between the Italian-speaking area and the Atlantic world have often been reduced to a handful of isolated “heroic” deeds, fuelling the myth of “Italian” navigators and explorers, rather than being examined as the result of broader connections between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Read more

Texts and objects in southern Nigeria: a teaching and research trip

by Roberto Zaugg

In November 2017 I visted universities, archives and museums in southern Nigeria. Thanks to the funding of the Swiss National Science Foundation and the hospitality of the Institut français de recherche en Afrique, directed by Dr. Élodie Apard, I had the opportunity to teach, to do research and to establish contacts for future cooperations. Read more